Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Making Your Home A Haven Week 2

I am writing this from my phone as we do not have internet service right now.

Week 1 of the challenge went ok. Besides the fact I got my candle privileges revoked when I left them burning while we werent home. It went pretty good. I usually have a candle burning in my kitchen but adding the prayer was really nice. I have been praying alot more recently.

Week 2's challenge is well a challenge. I have been working on my patience and my harshness for a long time its something i struggle with. I am a product of the environment i was raised in you could say. So in addition to cooling my temper and working on myself i will be lighting candles and praying.

I have even started a prayer journal which I am really excited about.

I hope I get my internet back soon. And you can check out the challenge on the Women Living Well blog. I would post the button but I am on my phone. :(

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Jaymie! I really enjoyed reading your blog, I like the way you write. I too am going through 'clutter' chaos...I don't know how it happened, I used to be so organized...

    I spend 6-8 hours a day on the computer (I'm a VA) and my husband is and OTR truck driver, we have 3 horses, and my father now lives with us.

    In July and November the boys and I go through their toy boxes and playroom to find all the 'baby toys' to donate and get ready for new ones. Even though they're 8 & 9, they are very good at deciding what some other little boy might want. We now have several boxes of their old toys & stuffed animals to take to Goodwill and while they were sorting, I cleaned out the storage rack in the workroom; where did all that crap, er...stuff come from? LOL


  2. Hi Viki! Thank you so much for the kind words! I appreciate it! It really makes me want to post when I know someone is reading lol. It is easy to get discouraged! I hope to write more often! You're a VA? That's so neat! I looked into becoming a VA and even posted some flyers but it didn't work out. I wish I had more luck with it, just for the extra money :-)

    Yes clutter is a bad one with us. Especially toys! We thought we had gotten rid of a lot of the toys but getting in here they still have way more then what 2 little boys need. We're going to work on getting it done this weekend as I would like to have everything unpacked and organized before Christmas!

    Have a great holiday! Thanks so much for reading! :-)