Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School Schedule

Well next week starts our school routine.  I’m going to “homeschool” Big H for pre-k and see how we do.  I’ve come up with a schedule that hopefully sticks…lol we shall see. He is only 3 well almost 4…my big boy :-) 

We will also be doing Tot School with Lil D so I’ll be busy busy which made me realize I desperately needed to set time aside to do my own quiet time.  I hope I can adjust to waking up so early.  Even when I worked full time I didn’t get up that early but it’ll be good for me. :-)

So here is our planned schedule:

5am->Mom wake up

5:10->Mom shower, get ready

5:30->Make lunch for Dad/Dishes & Cleanup

6am->Dad Wake up/Quiet Bible Time for Mom

6:30->Dad leave for work

7am->Kid's Wake Up

7:10->Kid's Morning High Five

7:30->Breakfast & Cleanup

8am->School Starts/Calendar Time

8:15->Bible Story/Prayer/Memory Verse Time

8:45->Colors & Shapes

9:15->Math & Numbers

9:45->Phonics & Writing

10:15->Snack & Play Time

10:45->Bible & Memory Verse Review

11:15->Movement/Outside Time




3PM->End of School Day

3pm->6pm-Independent play, cleanup, dinner prep


7PM->Bedtime High Five



I’ll be updating with how it’s working out.  Also the High Five’s I got the idea over at  I thought this was a great idea for my big boy as he really loves High Fives!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Pockets

Hi Everyone! Thought I'd share a recipe today! I do have a picture but I can't find my camera cord. I have no clue where it is!

I made these this morning to have for Randy for breakfast in the mornings. I'm going to freeze them then figure he can just heat them up in the microwave at work when he gets hungry.  He's not an early morning breakfast lover so me getting up at 5 to make him something in the mornings just wouldn't work for him.  So I figure he can heat these up whenever he's hungry. 

I'm on a quest to find things to make from scratch instead of buying processed expensive frozen meals.  I didn't get to do freezer cooking for the month of August but will be doing so in September.  I found that I can get great deals at a local Amish store and also at a butcher shop.  I got 10lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $20 which is a good deal around here.  So today I'm going to share something I whipped up this morning.

Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Pockets

1 can biscuits (next time I'll make my own but wanted to use these up they were in the fridge)
1lb fresh loose breakfast sausage
6 farm fresh eggs
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

-Preheat oven to 350 & grease a baking sheet.
-Brown up loose sausage
-Scramble and cook eggs
-Make your assembly line of biscuits, eggs, sausage & cheese
-Roll out your biscuit to a good size like a mini pie crust
-Place eggs, cheese, and sausage towards one side of the rolled out biscuit
-Fold over the other side to make a little pierogie shape
-Crimp the edges so it won't ooze out
-Place on cookie sheet & repeat until you've used up all your biscuits.
-Bake for 13-18 mins (depending on your biscuit package instructions)
-Take out of the oven and enjoy!
-Let them cool then flash freeze then place in a freezer bag to take out one at a time.
-These can be microwaved wrapped in a paper towel for 60secs depending on your microwave.

Hope you like these! My family is loving them!

I also made these with pb & jelly and also ham & cheese one day for lunches. Little D can hold onto these biscuit pockets a lot easier then a regular sandwich and he's loving them!

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Coming Home Came Early

Hi Everyone! I know I've been absent lately, a lot has been going on here lately.

I have officially been a SAHM for 1 week now.  I was terminated from my job on a Friday and honestly at first it was kind of a shock but kind of good for us. Even though the weight of "how is my truck payment going to be made?" was added, we honestly feel a bit of relief.  No more worrying who is going to be home with the boys when they're sick, no more worrying who is going to call out, no more worrying about who is going to watch our kids. I felt myself breathe a little.

Last week I was busy running errands and the kids caught a bit of a stomach bug.  This week I am working on planning Hayden's pre-k curriculum and cleaning and organizing the whole house. A big decluttering session is going on this week and will most likely take me all week lol. It's amazing how messy you're house gets when you work full time!

I'm also going to be trying my hand at homemade bread today, I want to be able to make bread from scratch instead of buying at the store. My whole "planning" to be a SAHM was cut short obviously so I'm just going to dive right in on the cutting the budget part.

I also want to tell you some really really good news...I was saved on July 11, 2010 and was baptized for the first time ever in my life yesterday August 1, 2010. YAY!!! I'm so excited. I honestly feel like a new person as cheesy as that may sound.  I'm still learning and growing and working on being a woman of GOD but I can feel a difference in my overall attitude and happiness. It really has been wonderful!

Well that's all for now! I'll be posting an update on how my bread making adventure goes and maybe be posting our pre-k program once it's finalized...yay! I'm honestly so excited about all of this!

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