Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School Schedule

Well next week starts our school routine.  I’m going to “homeschool” Big H for pre-k and see how we do.  I’ve come up with a schedule that hopefully sticks…lol we shall see. He is only 3 well almost 4…my big boy :-) 

We will also be doing Tot School with Lil D so I’ll be busy busy which made me realize I desperately needed to set time aside to do my own quiet time.  I hope I can adjust to waking up so early.  Even when I worked full time I didn’t get up that early but it’ll be good for me. :-)

So here is our planned schedule:

5am->Mom wake up

5:10->Mom shower, get ready

5:30->Make lunch for Dad/Dishes & Cleanup

6am->Dad Wake up/Quiet Bible Time for Mom

6:30->Dad leave for work

7am->Kid's Wake Up

7:10->Kid's Morning High Five

7:30->Breakfast & Cleanup

8am->School Starts/Calendar Time

8:15->Bible Story/Prayer/Memory Verse Time

8:45->Colors & Shapes

9:15->Math & Numbers

9:45->Phonics & Writing

10:15->Snack & Play Time

10:45->Bible & Memory Verse Review

11:15->Movement/Outside Time




3PM->End of School Day

3pm->6pm-Independent play, cleanup, dinner prep


7PM->Bedtime High Five



I’ll be updating with how it’s working out.  Also the High Five’s I got the idea over at  I thought this was a great idea for my big boy as he really loves High Fives!

Have a great one! Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. How's it working out for you Jaymie? Haven't heard from you in must be busy schooling! :)