Monday, September 20, 2010

Smells So Yummy...

These are the candles I buy:

They are like $6 at the Wal-Mart and they smell so good! They aren't Yankee Candle or Celebrating Home but they are better I think.  My favorite scents are the seasonal ones they have out right now. The pumpkin and the cranberry frost...yummy. My pumpkin one has been burning all day long and my house smells like fall. I even have the windows open and I can still smell it.

I really LOVE these Febreeze candles. I suggest everyone try them. You won't be disappointed.

Plus they come in little glass jars and when they're done you can wash them out and use the little jar for something. I have some I use as makeup brush holders and even when I make little individual desserts I use these jars...they're adorable.

I'm ready to bake something candle is making me hungry.

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  1. I really enjoy Febreeze candles too...the PG Brandsaver had some great coupons in it for them too!