Thursday, June 10, 2010

Camping Checklist

This weekend we are going on our annual camping trip to celebrate Randy's 25th birthday. I am busy busy trying to get things packed up and ready for our excursion.

We will sleep in a tent because we don't have the luxury of a camper and with 2 small kids in the middle of June it can be very trying at times, but well worth it.

Last year was Devyn's first year going camping and we were lucky to have the use of my dad's camper and a/c and tv.  *sigh* how I will miss that camper.

Here is the list I have compiled of things we will be packing for the trip:

4.the tent
5.air mattress
8.shower & bath necessities
9.shower shoes
10.Hayden's potty seat
11.toilet paper
12.cups for Devyn
13.extra pacifiers
16.extension cords chargers
21.bug buttons
22.citronella candles
23.bug spray
28.pack & play
29.stroller & drinks

I'm sure that's all we will need, we are going with family so we shouldn't have to bring pots & pans etc. We'll be cooking on the grill most of the weekend anyway.  I'll be posting pictures and maybe some camp cookout recipes!

I will try to stay off of Twitter but I am kind of addicted. lol

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