Monday, June 7, 2010

June Freezer Cooking

I've been reading LifeAsMOM and MoneySavingMom for over a year now and have always wanted to participate in their freezer cooking (OAMC) days but honestly it's never been in our budget to buy a lot of ingredients to cook a whole lot at one time. We're working on it but not quite there yet.

So this month it happened almost as an accident.  While I didn't spend one day cooking a bunch of freezer meals, I would like to contribute my freezer cooking success from the weekend.

In my freezer I have:

2 meals Hobo Beans (I had leftovers)
1 Chicken Pot Pie filling (I can make the crust in a jiffy or use canned biscuits)
3 bags of frozen cherries that will be made into a pie and some cherry jelly

I know that's not alot but there are 3 meals in there that will greatly help me out in the coming days.

Next month I'm definately doing freezer cooking, I've been putting money aside for one big shopping trip.

Thanks for checking in!



  1. Good job! It's good that you finally gave it a "go" for freezer cooking! The more you do it, the better you become and the more you accomplish!

  2. I think that is great. You are just taking baby steps!

  3. Baby steps, baby steps. Awesome. There were several years when I couldn't pull it off whole hog. But, I bet you could squeeze in some double batches here and there?

  4. Yes thats what those were I had made some double/triple batches over the weekend and just froze what we didn't eat. I can't wait until next month's freezer cooking days! Thanks so much everyone!

  5. Way to go! It will get easier. The cherry jelly sounds good!